Monday, March 26, 2007

Skilt ved fødselen

In the Norwegian gossip magazines we have a section called "separated at birth". This is my little version, with Linn Therese and a smiley!

The only thing missing is some metal in the smileys mouth :D

Cola penguins

This is a cola penguin, it has 34% real penguin in it!

99.9% fat free!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

This was on our floor this morning

I´m going to do a little bit of censorship here, to shield the weak hearted

Click here for the nasty truth

Surprisingly enough, it didnt belong to anyone living in our house :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Dramatic morning in Centre Ct.

I could have been killed this morning, literally! A tree split and fell over the road and some power lines, because of some wind.

Seriously, if I had been under that tree when it fell, I could have gotten like a really bad headache!

For Frank

Here´s your bloody chicken! (Aloha-style)

Sadly I forgot my blue jacket at home.

The poor man´s footbath

This is Benedikte´s toe, in the largest container in this house.

It´s a hell of a job to boil potatoes

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The local fauna

Here´s a couple of shots of the local fauna. First a cricket(?) that sat on my window tonight.

Then some parrots(again ?) in our neighbours tree. Way better shots than Margrethe got out of her fancy schmancy camera :D

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Recent events

This Saturday we were invited to yet another housewarming/birthday party. This time it was at Ida and Julie`s place. They had a huge backyard, and by the time we got there, it was filled with food and people.

My god that dude looks like Sting, can you spot him?

Earlier today Benedikte played her first match with her new handball team. They lost :)

The other day we first took the tram a few stops up the line, then hopped on the bus to get to this ice-cream shop rumored to be awesome. You get to choose from a huge line of ice-creams, then you choose your filling/topping, which can be anything from brownies to kit-kat or licorice or whatever.

I had white chocolate ice-cream with brownies smashed into it, and with boyseberries on top of it all. It was pretty good!

Right now the most useless tv-show EVER is on. It´s called Cheaters, and futures a very serious(ahem) reporter and his crew which hunts down alleged cheaters and confronts them on camera.

If you feel that a TV-crew is essential in your lovelife, your boy/girlfriends fucking around is certainly not your biggest problem.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


My first 3d creation! A mushroom in Maya 8.5!

So Proud :D

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Motion Capture Monday

This Monday we were introduced to the motion capture studio provided to our class. It is the most advanced of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

It consists of 24 cameras arranged around the studio, which picks up the reflections of a large amount of bright markers placed on the suit of the "object". The signals can then be translated and placed in a 3d world, a game, for example.

Midway uses the studio for their new WWII game, Hour of Victory, and that is of course very cool :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

EVIL sunburn!

We spent a few hours at St. Kilda beach today, and I lubed up with sunblock factor 15. I obviously didn´t lube enough, this is how my body looks this evening.

And the smartest move was not to turn over more than 15 minutes.

Awful, awful night out

Ok, as I mentioned, Wednesday was the most ridiculous night out ever. But it seems last night de-crowned Wednesday night. There was so much crap going on, that I barely know where to start, but lets try the beginning.

The whole point of the evening was to celebrate Alex´ 23rd birthday, and initially that worked out pretty well. But being in Australia has obviously hampered the little bit of drinking control I had from before. After getting hit in the jaw twice by Alex (not a fight, just a very stupid guy thing, drunken guy thing :) the police arrived and told us to shut up, because it was getting VERY late (11 pm, wtf!?).
From there on out I pretty much blacked out, so most of what I write now I am being told by the others.

It starts with me almost getting run over twice, just outside the apartment. Apparently I senselessly wandered the street, with no idea that there could actually be cars there. We then jumped on the tram, and headed for the city. 10 minutes before arriving in the city, I was feeling sick as hell and jumped off the tram, getting my wallet and mobile thrown after me by the others. I then scavenged for a taxi for a while, and when I finally found one, I emptied my wallet in the drivers lap asking; "Will this get me to Burwood, yes or no?"
The reply was positive, and I am finally on my way home. 5 Minutes from home however, I get into a hefty argument with the driver, and I am on the verge of being left by the side of the road. What the fight was about I don´t recall. The mood cools down, and the driver drops me of by the school, and that´s a 3 minute walk from home.
YES, I am sick and tired, and I am finally at the door. Crap. No keys.
Apparently, the smartest thing I could think of, was to use my shirt as a pillow and going to sleep on our front stairs. The girls arrived a couple of hours later, got me inside and tucked me in.

I hereby swear only to bring one(1) wine bottle to the next party. Cross my heart and hope to die, unless a car does that job for me first.

My bed:

Thursday, March 8, 2007

My running route

I try to run in the park behind school as often as possible, here´s my route:

Margrethe also runs.


To "celebrate" Mats leaving, we had a small party yesterday, which evolved to be the strangest night I have ever experienced. It started out pretty normal, with me spilling wine over myself, and Camilla spilling my wine over my socks and our friends´ carpet. I drank about 2 beers, a wine bottle and 2 glasses of white, without feeling a thing.

Then, BOOM, I wake up in the same apartment, on the floor, at 4 in the morning. The space in between, is blacked out, or at best, with very few blurry moments rising to my mind. I had 20 bucks in my wallet, and they were gone. But the weird thing is that those 20$ lasted the whole night, and they paid for taxi, enough drinks to keep me in blackout mode and a Bacon Deluxe at Hungry Jacks. And, no, I didn´t visit an ATM.
And you would expect to wake up with the mother of all hangovers after a night like that, but no siree, not even a hint of hangover, except for the usual carpet-mouth.

But no matter how totally wasted beyond all recognition I get, the night always ends up at..

PS. I also have a picture of Tee at Hungry Jacks, but I promised not to post it, so no go :)

Mats is leaving

Now it´s about 2.5 hours until Mats gets on the plane home to Norway. He made an early departure since none of the subjects he was allowed to take interested him.

We will all be missing you, Mats, but I´m sure we will meet again, somewhere in the world!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Our meditating cockroach

This house was a filthy, stinking place when we moved in, we literally had to wash the house from roof to floors. Behind the (incredibly painful) sofa, we found this meditating, and very crispy, cockroach.

Inner peace, uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm...

Big ass spider (by norwegian standards)

At a party at some other norwegians place, there was an enormous spider clinging to the window. Being blissfully drunk, of course we had to touch it and put it under a glass.

Imagine the girls when Kristoffer lifted the glass and the spider ran away!

Benedikte showing eagerness!

Benedikte really couldnt wait for this lecture! Just look at that education-keen gleam in her eyes!

Now, if that ain´t promising, then i dont know!

Midnight tour of our new house

After literally filling a maxi-taxi to the roof with all our new and old stuff, we arrived 11 in the evening at Centre Court in Burwood, a couple of minutes from our school. Our agent told us earlier that day that we would have to arrange our electricity and water, and that the house would not have electricity when we moved in. So there we stood, in a dark house at the middle of the night, with nothing to light the way but crappy candles from IKEA. Fortunately we had gas and water, so we were able to cook some food. And what better time to arrange a video tour than in the middle of the night in a dark house, with a mobile phone camera! Enjoy!

The next morning we found out that we did actually have power, we just needed to flick the circuit breakers to "ON". WHO COULD HAVE KNOWN?

The day the internet arrived

Today i got a happy SMS in class. Our router had arrived, and we could run straight home and hook up our internet connection!
So now im gonna try to spew out a few posts, and then keep this blog regularly updated.