Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gaaaaah...What-ever's-in-the-fridge pizza...

And the lucky winners aaaare...Meatballs(homemade), sauce made from onion, cream, tomato, chili paste, basil paste, pepper, salt and oregano. We continue with scampi, mushrooms, tomatoe slices, leek, corn and capsicum on homemade crust!
Definitely uttermostly gaaaaahhh...

EMERGENCY UPDATE! Apparently I forgot to mention that Margrethe did ATLEAST 50% of the pizza-work! Oh my gaaawd!

Monday, May 28, 2007

..and a rømmegraut to go

For all you non-norwegians reading this (if any), rømmegraut is a porridge made from sour cream and a special kind of grain. You top it off with raisins(sultanas?), cinnamon, sugar and your choice of aged meat at the side, for example parma ham.
It is a traditional Norwegian course, and it is customary to make it for the national day celebration.

This was what Margrethe made today, after me and her took the short walk to and from Safeway to buy the ingredients. Tasted JUST like the one at home!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Run to the hills..

..or definitely Mount Dandenong, which we went up today! Originally planned to ascend by foot, but that plan quickly went *pouf* when Lene offered to drive us up there.

That's a huge humvee limo we encountered on the way. And the scenery on the way was the weirdest thing. Along with the architecture, it was a constant mix of Norwegian forest, English countryside, buildings from the Switzerland and cozy little mountain towns from the US of A.

Finally arriving at the Skyhigh observatory, the view was absolutely huge! Melbourne city was a little turd in the middle of a enormous landscape.

The observatory also featured a hedge maze, an English garden and a restaurant. The maze was 6 bucks so we skipped that easily, since the hedges was barely more than a small bush. But the garden was very beautiful, even if it was a bit small. At the restaurant I went totally gourmet and ordered seasoned wedges and a chocolate milkshake.

The rest of the images I wont bother commenting. Clues are: Noisy bird, sunset, limo and weird trees/statues/long-indian-thingys.

But we will definitely have to get up there again, by foot.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Delayed national day

I wont bother with blogging about the ANSA celebration of 17. of May, since literally every other person on my links list has done it with the identical pictures. But this Sunday there was a Norway Day celebration at the Swedish consulate in Melbourne, with hot dogs and cakes and whatnot. It was located in a very posh part of Melbourne with huge houses and fine gardens surrounded by big fences. And on the way there me and Margrethe discovered an old friend.


And here's an example of the kind of houses and front yards that populated the area.

And here's a version without idiots :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yet another gaaaaaaah...

This time its some kind of chocolate icecream with hazelnut streams.

Tomorrow its dress-up-centre-ct.6-for-17th-of-may-while-
you-drink-yourself-senseless-day, and its gonna be FUN! Me and Margrethe went to K-Mart and Coles today for shome party stuff shopping. And i'm gonna bake a peanut-chocolate kinda cake!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Berry yoghurt lolly, gaaaaaah...

Tastes just like the real Norwegian berry yoghurt.
Memories, sweeeet sweeeet memories...

I look like alot of people.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

An enchanted evening in Centre Ct. 6

With myself and Madamoiselle Stenevik.

When I woke up this morning...

..I did a 1000 words assignment. I then beat the semi-last boss in Klonoa on my brand new old Playstation 1 (which came complete with a chip and all, I might add). Then I cleaned the house from top to toe. Then me and Margrethe walked to K-Mart where I bought a belt and a spray-bottle(?) for cooking oil, along with a berry smoothie(yummy). Then we walked home again, and I was the superstar for YET another photo session. Then I'm lying in bed and writing this. Soon I'm gonna eat 2 fajitas, and 500 ml of lemon gelato ice-cream. Then I'm gonna watch Deadwood, and then this sunday is over and I am going to bed. Bye.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Sunday, one week after

This Sunday we again took to the city, for some cheap Sunday-saver tourism.
The attractions this time was a arts and crafts market underneath a bridge, a candy store in the Crown Casino complex, and eating Asian food in a street I cant remember the name of.


Brown food, mmmmm.....