Friday, February 23, 2007

1 week..

..and we'll have internet in our house, and i can start blogging again!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


A bit lacking in the posting departement lately, but i will try to get something done in the food court tomorrow or maybe tuesday, including a video of a huge spider we found the other day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Sadly, i was looking at softdrinks.
The beer is $10 a jug :(

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

First day at school

We were greeted with a bag of information, and a bit of swag in the form of a drinking bottle. Then we were ushered in to a huge auditorium and fed one tedious speaker after another. Except for the DUSA president (with man-boobs), it was pretty sleepy. Eventually we got a free morning tea with a muffin, and then some free lunch.

Ps. This is Benedikte, not the DUSA president

This is my glasses laying on the fine table at the very boring introduction. We were thankfully rescued by a wonderful speaker named Jennifer, that was substituting for the Head of Faculty of Arts(?). We are going back tomorrow to discuss what electives to choose, and probably more boring introductory stuff.

Oh, and the beer on campus is dirt CHEAP. $5.20 for a jug!

The St. Kilda festival

Been a while now, have been too busy doing nothing. This Sunday the St.Kilda festival went off (it actually went off alot sooner, but no one noticed), and we went partying at the clubs down by the beach. With us we had Inès, Maiken, Kim and Hansi. Kim we met the day we got shanghaied by a tourgroup at Deakin, and he introduced us to the rest of them when we met him at the beach. Hansi and Kim are also studying at Deakin, and the girls are here on vacation (a looooong vacation, which includes several stops).

I´ve gotten my own brand of beer down under!

Aaaaand this is what happens with too much of your ego-branded beer. Not very niice.
I even managed to order some food at the end of the evening, only to forget where i ordered it, and then going to bed hungry and angry.

Here´s a video of land wakeboarding we witnessed at the beach earlier that day. The wakeboarder is actually tugged by a wire and a huge winch, and is jumping over several pools of water:

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The return of MOFF

I´m sitting at the food court now, and in 10 minutes were off to meet Benedikte, the last member of our bad-ass posse to arrive in Melbourne.

Margrethes fancy-pansy watch

After several failed attempts to catch the huuuugely miraculous hour-change on Margrethes fancy Nike watch on video, we beat time itself and filmed it with my mobile phone.

I´m out of

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Posh cinema experience

In Melbourne Central, one of the biggest malls in the city, you can get a rather nice cinema experience with electronic recliner chairs, blankets, and a waiter that brings you all kinds of stuff. We went there the other day and saw The pursuit of happyness featuring Will Smith and his (actual) son.
Good movie.

Yarra River Tours

Here´s a little video from one of the boats that cruises up and down the Yarra river, right in the middle of Melbourne.
Very hot that day, and me very sunburned in face, very niice.

Margrethes Birthday

On saturday Margrethe was 23 years old, and we celebrated with dinner and wine at Bar Santo, the little italian restaurant that has practically become our regular place for finer dining.

Then after dinner, Camillas third cousin Ellen, and her friend Skeet, met up with us to show us some of the good places to party in St. Kilda. After meeting up with more of Skeets friends, we ended up at the Hotel Esplanade, a rocky, kinda underground place, with live music, very niiice. It turns out the Esplanade is quite well known, we actually saw it featured in a Lonely Planet movie yesterday!

When it was time to head home, we were a bit worried, cause all the trams stop at midnight, and we dont know a thing about the buses in Melbourne. Then one of the guys we´d been introduced to earlier, Matt, offered us a ride home. What? Hasn´t he been drinking with us the whole night? It seems that DUI policy in Australia is somewhat liberal compared to Norway.

Monday, February 5, 2007


By now were just waiting to move in to our new house. The problem is that the agent cant get a hold of the last tenant living there, so the worst case scenario is that we cant move in for another 14 days. I have a video and a few pictures to share with you, but the crappy hotel PC refuses to accept my iPod via firewire, so it will have to wait.

Friday, February 2, 2007


There is a wonderful, affordable, italian restaurant by St.Kilda beach that has the best olives. The other day we had this awesome Linguini with mussels: