Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Me and Benny's creation. Domino's should adopt this one. A DOUBLE crust even!

BTW! This is the 101st post! Send more money!

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Siiiimpsoooons

Friday night we went to Chadstone shopping mall, which has a cinema in the basement, and saw The Simpsons Movie.

They only went through about 4 of those buckets!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The kindness of the Vietnamese

The Vietnamese couple that runs our local bottle shop always gives us tons of free stuff but this time they totally overdid it.

I bet you can guess why the big smile :D

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

If you cant get any work..

..you'll just have to make your own brand of salad dressings, like Paul Newman!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Instant vacation, add water

I did have about 2-3 hours to explore Frankfurt before I had to get back to the airport for Hong Kong. The city was actually a big and positive surprise, I had imagined it like I experienced Berlin a couple of years ago, nothing but slush in the streets and my shoes. The architecture is what I imagine Swiss villages in the Alps look like.

And of course the compulsory porn shops screamed at you the moment you put your foot outside the train station. Except from that the weather was beautiful, I think I got a sunburn, and the kebabs were good. Even the swans were friendly and ate out of your hand. Its probably idiots like me that pass the bird-flu on :)

11 hours further on I touched wheels at Hong Kong Airport, and didn't quite feel up to the task of exploring the damn dirty streets of Hong Kong for 12 hours. But what can you do? Definitely not sit at the airport all that time. So caught the fast train thingy from the airport to the city, which was nice, and I emerged in this huuuge shopping mall. After an hour of not finding my way out of the mall properly, I opened the right door and went smack into a wall of heat and moisture.
My body immediately swelled up and the clothes stuck like cling-wrap. The women at the market whom I bought some t-shirts didn't want to sell me medium size because she couldn't believe I was that size, the way I looked.

Got me some more shirts and some pirated DVD's and a very small breakfast, and I felt like crap after walking aimlessly around the smelly streets for hours. I just wanted to get into an air conditioned environment, and back I went to the mall.
There was a cinema there and I thought that would kill off some time for me so I just could get on with my travel back to Melbourne.

The cinema was so cold that I found myself alternating between dropping my head down because I was dead tired, and then freezing my ass off and concentrating really hard, cause I did want to watch the movie after all.

About a million years later I touched in Melbourne, and after a bus-ride through the city with this scenery:

..I got into a 7-eleven and bought a zone 1 ticket on the trams. After stopping TOOOOO many times to pick up school kids I got flashed in the face with a "Official Tram Ticket Controller" badge, and thought: "noooooo, not today, and not with only a zone 1 ticket." which isn't much good since we live in zone 2.
I had to put on a real show to avoid a ticketing from the nice lady, and probably sounded like a Russian immigrant while trying to explain that "man in seven eleven sold ticket to me, i ask for deakin, he sell.". But after a while of checking my passport out, and luckily not flipping open the page that showed that I didn't arrive for the first time in Australia today, but 5 months ago, she let me go with a warning. Jumping with joy inside I hurried home and sleeeeept.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I have legged around in the dark alleys of Hong Kong all day and haven't got the energy to put up all the stuff I got from the trip back to Melbourne while I'm sitting at Hong Kong Airport.

"Beautiful Frankfurt" and "Surprised Chinese guy" will have to do until I'm de-lagged.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Last post before going back (probably)

Just a little update on the latest events, chronologically ordered.
I am now fully armed for a few days at our cabin in the mountains, as well as for the long flights back down to Melbourne. My 6 Andy McNab books arrived from play.com a couple of days ago.

They are really good spy-thrillers of the more serious non-Bondish type.

This Saturday I hiked with my parents up to the cabin, just to carry supplies for them and then going down again straight away. The snow had just lifted and as always, the ascent is beautiful.

And the evening featured my last party on Norwegian soil, for a while at least. Vassendgutane (oh, the horror) at Parken in Gaupne. I managed one whole shot the entire evening.

It seems that since Benedikte got her own mobile phone, and wasn't here anyway, the funny drunken pictures has seized to appear on my phone :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007